What is a Powerflush?

A power flush cleanses your system using chemically treated water that is flushed through the system at high velocity but at low pressure therefore not damaging your system but removing any corrosion particles/sludge that was in the system.

This then restores the circulation to its full potential, thereby improving the operation and efficiency of your central heating system.

Do I need a Powerflush?

Over the course of time, your central heating system can suffer from a build up of detritus, which can clog components in the boiler and reduce the efficiency of your heating system in general.

And if you are considering replacement of your boiler, nearly all manufacturers state that a powerflush is essential on an existing central heating system, or this could invalidate your boiler warranty.

We highly recommend that when replacing your boiler you consider having a powerflush carried out, we will provide you a quote for this as part of the process of quotation for boiler replacements.

We also carry out powerflushing on existing heating systems.

Indications that your system may require a powerflush include:

Cold spots on your radiators
Constant burn out of boiler parts such as pumps and valves
High gas bills due to inefficient radiators
Noisy boiler operation

We are happy to provide quotes to powerflush your system whether you are replacing your boiler or not.

Powerflush upto 10 Radiator system, inc all chemicals needed:    prices from £350 + Vat

Powerflush whats included:
To call to site, drain central heating and cap of open vent and cold feed if the system is conventional (with cylinder and tanks).
To install Kamco Powerflush machine to suitable location on system, usually existing pump position.
To powerflush system & radiators individually.
To drain and flush system.
To install a suitable corrosion inhibitor.
To balance system to best efficiency       From £350 + vat